5 Times Jidenna Turns Our Heads In His Ankara Outfits

The classic man as he is popularly called has arrived Nigeria to promote his new album 'Chief don't run'. There has been lots of Buzz about his coming coupled with the fact that the founder of Facebook Mark Zukerberg is in Lagos Nigeria for the first time. NemyStyle gives you a sneek peak to his unique western african style which he describes as heavily inspired by the Harlem Renaissance with hints of of traditional west African design and a marriage of European and African aesthetics. 
Follow the pictures and see how the theory comes to play:
He really plays with the fusion of traditional, western and sporty outlook all in one outfit. The shirt is a blend of ankara and white material, the waist coat and trousers are blue and let's not forget the georgous pair of sneakers. The combination of all his items of clothing seem so wrong but miraculously he pulls it off well! 
2. This Ankara knee length shirt and a pair of simple black trousers and shoes is simple but still classy. 

3. Jidenna killed it on stage both with his performance and this Ankara waist coat and trousers paired with white shirt. 

4. This Ankara suit gives us the African vibe in an otherwise western attire. 

5. And last night he gave us something to talk about in his brown check trousers paired lemon and green coloured shirt. The shoes are certainly a story for another style post! Which look is your favourite? 


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