How I prepared my Harvard Educated vegetable soup and Swallow

So in the afternoon today, I prepared my wonderful vegetable soup with eba, feeling a little need to brag   I posted it on the popular face book page: So You think You can Cook? It got a lot of responses and I considered sharing the recipe with my wonderful blog readers. 
Ingredients used Smoked fish Skin hide (pomo) Locust beans Palm oil Magi Locust beans (Iru) 3 sizeable bunch of water leaves I sizeable bunch of spinach (Ugu leaves) Red oil Salt to taste 2 spoonful of crayfish Onions (optional) Preparation  Procedure  Detach the water leaves from its stem and wash with enough water and salt. Cut into tiny pieces.  Put in a bowl and wash without water to remove the slimy water from it. Rinse with clean water and put in a sieve for the water to drain. Wash and cut  the ugu leaves into tiny pieces, put in a sieve for the water to drain Wash the meat, pomo, fish and parboil, spice with salt, magi, onions, iru to taste. Avoid adding extra water, the water from the meat and fish should be s…

My #MeToo Story by Glorya Gabriel

Many years ago as a young growing girl, I had this dude who was relentlessly on my matter!
Small pikin wey I be o, 'prolly' 14 at the time or so, can't exactly remember anymore. Was just growing 'bress' sef (wey never mature) yet, this 'Nwa Boy' (apprentice for Igbo Traders) wouldn't take his eyes off me!
I should attribute this to the environment in which we lived at the time. It's a very large compound fondly called 'civilian barracks(although not a face me I slap you sha 😂😂😂) ', going by the largess of the compound, plus the legion of tenants. Lmao
Dude wasn't even my neighbour, but because he served as an apprentice on my street, alongside having friends within our premises, he somehow found a way to always stop by our compound to do a thing or 2.
Our house was at the back of the main building, and as such quite hidden from public glare. As a matter of fact, till One (newbie) took a stroll to that part of the compound, One would never…

Blogmas 5: Life Lessons I Learned Over The Years

It is always believed that with age comes maturity although the behaviour of some so called adults has made that very debatable. Being on this earth for quite has taught me so many things I would share with you: 
1. Nobody should have control over your life except you and God -  Control can take different forms ;forceful advice, not too subtle suggestions on better ways to lead your life etc. People are permitted to advise you but definitely not control you. 2. You can’t control what people would say about you 3. Family over everything 4. Never conclude about a person’s life from hearsay alone - it is wrong to judge a person based on another person's perspective  5. Nobody has the right to make you feel inferior without your permission 6. Pleasing people is tiresome 7. People often judge you the way they are 8. Guilt is counterproductive 9. Be careful  on whom you receive advice from 10. Follow people the way they are 11. Being happy is a choice 12. Everybody must not be your fri…

Blogmas 4: How to prepare your Christmas meal without breaking a sweat! 

Always plan ahead, it was not  raining when Noah built an ark || Richard Cushing       Most housewives or supportive husbands stress themselves so much during festive periods in the kitchen so much that they become so exhausted and overwhelmed that they eventually fail to relax and enjoy themselves. Every household would love to prepare not less than a three course meal. Hence the pressure to prepare the meal to perfection lies on the cook. There are ways in which meals can be prepared stress free Buy your groceries early: imperishable groceries should be bought earlier to reduce the pressure of having to buy everything at once. The perishable ones can be bought later. Early grocery shopping helps one ensure that everything is ready and whatever that was forgotten can easily be bought or improvised. Prepare food ahead of time:  instead of waiting for the “D” day when you will slave yourself to death, it is advisable to prepare some food ahead of time and freeze. Chopping of vegetables ca…

Blogmas 3: Three Tips To Consider When Travelling For Christmas

Most people travel to various destinations for Christmas, some travel to see their families others visit resort places.  It is not uncommon for  people to complain bitterly of hard times in January of the following year. This ‘customary brokeness’ every January can be attributed to mainly failure to plan. In order to enjoy a wonderful Christmas and still smile into the new year, it is advisable to consider the following pointsBudget: budget from the beginning of the year to November the amount that will be used for your Christmas journey. Say, you are earning 100k, put aside a careless 5k every month for that purpose. You can open an account which your money will be deducted automatically and given to you when you’ve stipulated in the agreement. Earlypurchases:  yesterday, I talked about the mad rush in the market people were almost stampede. It was as if someone woke them up suddenly and said ‘hey, Christmas is just in a week’s time and you haven’t done any shopping’ hence, they hurr…

Blogmas 2: Christmas Or Xmas?

If  I hadn’t vowed to post everyday for the next 7 days to Christmas, I would have definitely skipped this post. I’m such a great procrastinator, a habit that I’m definitely leaving in 2018. I went for shopping today and I met fellow procrastinators like me trooping about in the market to the extent that if a pin were dropped it would be difficult to pick it up. I wonder why people would wait till the last minute to make their Christmas purchases.
       Today’s blogmas, we’ll be discussing a rather frivolous issue that is also important,  In the sense that it has been a point of discussion among Christians especially Nigerians. The bone of contention here is if Christmas must be spelt and pronounced fully or to be shortened to Xmas. People of the former school of thought believe that's it’s a sign of disrespect, some people even believe that ‘X’ in Xmas represents something diabolical, although there is nothing scripturally or otherwise that can be used to support these claims at …

Blogmas 1: That Year When We Used To Beg For Money

Blogmas is a segment of the blog that discusses issues that relates to Christmas and it going to last for seven days stopping exacting on the eve of Christmas. I'm a great procrastinator and I sincerely hope I keep to this.... 

For those kids who were born in the nineties and above, they are conversant with mbayarinkiri (Christmas Visitation) Children wear their best clothes and visit the houses of family friends and relatives. Those relatives offer them assorted food and money usually stipends. I remember one of my Mom's friends that usually gets new bank notes which she puts in envelopes to give children who visit her. The money was in smaller domination but it was crisp and so new that we keep it for long before spending it. We didn't care much about the food given to us as all of us have food in our houses. I guess our parents used that culture for children to develop relationship with their peers and relatives.
        On hindsight, I think that culture has died down p…