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Watch "Dwindle (2021) - Best Nigerian Comedy Movie Review" on YouTube

Dwindle is a 2021 Nigerian Comedy Movie that is action, suspense and drama filled. It features Nollywood stars like Funke Akindele Bello, Broda Shagi, Bisola Aiyeola and others. Dwindle tells the story of Nedu, a young Nigerian graduate who was hard on luck, accommodating his rogue friend Buta and they both dabbled into crime and tried to save themselves before they were caught! #dwindlethemovie #nollywoodonline #nollywoodmovie #movierecommendation #nollywoodlatestmovie #nemyinspirednollywood moviesnigerian movies 2021 latest full moviesnollywoodpicturestvfree nigerian movies

Three ways to save money on Vegetables || Food stuff shopping in Nigeria

  Like every other food stuff in this Buhari - Nigeria, the price of food stuff has sky rocketed. So much that to prepare a decent meal you need to spend a tidy sum on veggies. ( This depends on the part of the country you reside though). For veggies shopping, I use this three methods that are tested and trusted. 1. To buy in large quantity, it is adviseable to go to the open market very early in the morning when the wholesalers come to sell to the traders. You will get the veggies fresh and way cheaper. In fact, they will be begging you, na you go dey do shakara. 2. Buying in bulk during season and drying at room temperature. The goal is to eat healthy so dried veggies is better and healthier than no veggies at all. As long as you were the one or someone you trust dries in a  clean environment. You are good to good. This doesn't taste like the fresh one but for substitutes. It's a great one. 3. Substituting the expensive veggies with cheaper options. Cooking is all about exper

Watch "How to bake cake using the sandwich maker || 5 Minutes tea cake" on YouTube

To save money on snacks, do you know you can actually bake a cake to your taste using the sandwich maker generally known as 'toasting machine' Within 5 mins pere, you have your cake tailored to your taste (see rhymes abeg🤓). It's perfect for students and family, when there is no bread, there will be cake. I tried it and I confirmed... #teacakes #5minutesteacake #nemyinspired #bestteacake recipe

Watch "How to prepare Okra soup with 500 Naira // Frying Method" on YouTube

Okra soup is one of my favorite Nigerian soups. The good thing is that I can prepare it when I'm broke too. With 500 Naira guys, I prepared this delicious Okra soup using the frying method. The advantage of this frying method is method is that the soup will remain fresh even after two days without been refrigerated! What a wow! Perfect for students and those in the rural areas, in fact all Nigerians because, how steady is our power supply in this parts? #BestOkraSoupRecipe  #howtoprepareokrasoup #Okrasouponabudget #nigeriansoups

Watch "Story time: How I treated burns using natural herbs only. (No Hospital, No Problems 💁)" on YouTube

This is #nemyinspired. Today vlog is a story time on how I treated hot water burns (2nd degree burns) using natural herbs. Guys, my skin was restored within a period of one month! The scars have disappeared and one would need the help of a 'microscope' to search for them. lols. Are you wondering  how to fade burn scars? How to treat hot water burns at home? How to treat scars and marks left from burns? Ways to lighten burn marks and scars? Ensure you watch this video and share with your friends!!! #nemyinspired #howtotreatscarsfromburns #howtocurehotwaterburn   #howtofadeburnscars #waystolightenscars #homeremedyforkidsburns #hotwaterburn I wrote extensively on this in my blog:

Watch "I witnessed the Ibadan Hospitality - emotional farewell from my place of internship🙈" on YouTube

Ibadan or the 'Brown Roof republic' as it's popularly called as being a home for me for the past two years as a post graduate student. It was an emotional time for me, rounding off my mandatory internship course, the staff were kind and friendly. I will definitely be doing a lot of Ibadan Vlogs for the few months I have left. #nemyinspired #Ibadan #postgraduate series

Watch "Tiwa Savage & Seyi Shay Brouhaha 🤦. Confronting a Frenemy? 💁" on YouTube

Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay's fight has made me think on the issue of confrontation. Is it wise to confront frenemies or should we let the issue slide? Please watch and share your opinions....