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Story Time: How I Treated Burns With Natural Herbs!

Happy new year people! I hope you all had an exciting Christmas and new year celebration? Mine was so eventful that I didn't want the holidays to end at all. This year April will make it exactly three years that I suffered burns that almost disfigured me for life. When I tell people about this they find it so hard to believe because I healed so totally that I have very little scars left. Let me give you the whole gist...
We always had this pressure pot that had been sitting dormant on our kitchen shelves for some unexplainable reason; we never got to use it. I decided to use it on one fateful day to cook cocoyam while preparing for church. Barely 10minutes after cooking the food and I brought it down and immediately tried to open the pressure pot, it was airtight and very stiff therefore difficult for me to open, I forced it open by applying all the force I could muster. Then the unexpected happened! The contents of the pot splashed all over my face, arms, shoulder and…

There Are No Shortcuts In Life! - Interview With Wife, Msc Holder And PhD Researcher At Washington State University

The issue of studying abroad has been one that has intrigued me and so many Nigerians. There is this trend for elites and ambitious Nigerians to study for their post graduate degree outside the country. I interviewed Chioma Ezeh who is a graduate of English Education from University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She left for the USA where she studied for her masters, got married and is now researching for her PhD all in that order! Let's see what she has to say....

Let’s meet you
 I am Chioma Ezeh. I am from Anambra state, Nigeria. I am a student at Washington State University where I am currently studying English Language and Technology.

2. What influenced your decision to study abroad?
I love scholarship and have always known deep within me that pursuing a career outside the academia is not where I see myself. I had the hunger to go beyond bachelors and dreams of being at the top in my field. I desired to have better and relevant education. As fate had it, an uncle of mine, who understood…


So, this thing about finding love that would stay  was making me think hard today.. Like how does the earth revolve and still make each dawn a new day..?
A spark of emotions today.. And a load of regrets the next day.. All these found love seem not to stay But we cannot continue to sway
We all need that love that would stay.. But how does the chemistry fade?  And when does our emotions start to stray? And why do we betray.. the love that has vowed to stay?
Or let's turn the tables the other way.. And take a long walk down the hallway I hear you say you met them half way.. But their love couldn't make it to the last day..
Still, I ask them the same questions today How did their chemistry fade?  When did their emotions start to stray?  And why did they betray.. the love that has vowed to stay?
Love should not be a causal 360° display Cos each turn doesn't give a new day.. It only drops a bitter ex on the subway.. And a litter of exs on the subway.. is an ugly display.
If you do the heart x-ray,  You w…


Happy belated workers day all nemyinspired people, may you all reap the fruits of your labour! As you all know, I got employed as a teacher in late May 2016 so this is technically my first workers day. Yay!!   Enough about me and let’s get to the business on ground, I prepared early for  the d day wearing one of my Sunday best and for once my makeup game was lit. I and my mom took so much pctures before we finally left for the venue.  
That's my mama the real comrade
Me and my mama (Do we look alike? ) We finally got to eagles square before 9:00am and when we entered the stadium, the place was already packed full, the thought of standing or sitting under the hot sun for hours made me to shudder inwardly... luckily for us we got the seats some people vacated. There was so much noise there that I wondered if the people were actually listening to the speeches been presented. The labour union leader read a rather sketchy speech that was so sketetal and did not relay any of the problems…

Girl, Let's Shop For A Man! || Amarachi Ebisike

A wise woman once said that choosing whom to date is like going to the mall to do your shopping. In order to save your pocket from running dry, you should have a list! And also be focused on that list. No deviations.
     Now, let's bring this into the dating world. Think of your innocent fragile heart like the currency you use for shopping.  I'm sure none of us treat money carelessly or use it as tissue paper. No, we all value money. Think of your heart in like manner, because it is the currency in this scenario. How we spend this currency shows how much we value ourselves. 
I know shit happens, but a little carefulness and discipline in spending the 'heart currency' will save us a lot of heartbreaks.     Before you write a list of 'what I want in a man' or 'qualities of my dream man', there are a few cogent things you need to ponder on:  *Know Thyself! (What's Your Size?): Self discovery is the first step to a healthy and happy relationship. Who are yo…

Nigeria would move from Repression to Depression : 22 Prophesies by Governor Fayose for 2017

T he executive governor of Ekiti state governor Ayo Fayose was guest on the AIT show KAAKAKI subtitled the state of the nation. He gave suggestions for the growth of the economy of Nigeria. He stated clearly that the issue of agriculture can never be overstressed, he suggested that a permanent solution should be found for the menace of the herdsmen whose cattle contributes in no small measure to destroy the farms of hardworking farmers. He praised himself for his initiative in curbing the menace of the herdsmen in Ekiti State. The host of the show reminded him of the 20 prophecies he gave for the year 2016 which he claimed were inspired by the Holy Spirit. She went ahead to list some of the 22 prophecies which he gave for the year 2017. They include:
 1. There would be major revolutions or uprising against the federal government because of the economic hardship of the nation.
2. More Judges that are not doing the biddings of the Federal
Government would be arrested and humiliated.
 3. T…

Poetry: To my ladylove.. She is wanting to be a nurse and I will be falling sick!

Read this beautiful love poem written with a mix of pidgin and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

 I am wanting to be praying for her
This girl,
That is having to be making me happy
I am wanting to be marrying her And I know she will be very good
 Like my mother
She will be cooking Afang soup And be making me to be wanting to be licking my fingers Happy
 This girl,
She will be looking after me
She will be liking me
Every time
And I will be always liking her too
Because I am knowing that from my heart I will be thinking about her I will be smiling to myself
 I am remembering the time I met her
 And I am feeling my heart sink into my stomach
 When she is looking at me
 And I am wanting to say to her; I love you
 I am wishing to be touching her dimples
To be playing With the holes on her cheeks
 This girl,
She is knowing how to respect people
She is telling me
She is wanting to be a nurse Me I will be falling sick Everyday Telling mama to…