Fastest way to prepare Kunu Aya (Tigernut 100% Natural Drink)

It is a natural drink popular in northern Nigeria and it’s gradually getting popular all over the country. The original kunu which is a popular drink is called kunu dawa (made from millet and some other ingredients). However, despite how nice that drink is, it is heavy and causes one to sleep unlike this kunu aya which is light and easy to digest. 

The first time I drank kunu was when I attended a meeting and this natural, 100 percent African drink was served, I tasted this drink and it entered my head grimmmm…. Straight to my brain and I was like, what is this?  It tasted like a combination of soy milk, mixed with something that I couldn’t explain. It was so tasty. However, I could hardly believe it when I was told by my host that it contained zero percent sugar and I was really amazed.  After asking around, I was taught how to make this tasty, sugar free, natural drink and guess what?  It is easier than you ever imagined!
     These are the major ingredients in preparing the drink:
1. Aya  seeds ( 3 cups)

2. Dates (deibinu) 1 cup

3. Coconut ½ coconut 
4. Ginger (one clove)

5. Honey (optional)

To prepare the drink one should go through the following procedures:
1. Pick the aya to remove stones,  then wash with clean water. After washing, soak the aya with clean water in a bowl for at least 6 hours or overnight.
2. Cut the dates, ginger and coconut into little pieces.
3. Rinse the aya seeds and add the dates, ginger and pieces of coconut
4. Grind with an engine or use a blender to grind to a smooth paste
5. Sieve to remove the chaff
6. Add two spoonful of honey for sweetening. Honey is not necessary and the drink is sweet and doesnt require any sweetening agent. The drink is  ready to drink and best served chilled! 
Note: when preparing the drink, you should be fast because it ferment quickly. Make sure you put it in a refrigerator immediately after preparation. 

kunu Aya is a very nutritious drink because it contains tiger nuts which is very good for the health. Ginger, an ingredient in the drink has so much healing values, it restores lost apetite,heals joint pains etc,The health benefits of the drink is countless!


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