NEMY STYLE 2: Pregnant and Pretty

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Every Nigerian knows the common saying: Nkechi don get belle, Shakara don end” loosely translated, this means that the woman (Nkechi) can no longer be fashionable as a result of her pregnancy. It is this belief that makes pregnant women wear sack clothes and they develop a very nonchalant attitude towards their dressing. NemyStyle is poised to bring you very fashionable, stylish, unique ways to style your bump.
 1. Jacket look: Jackets give this impression of seriousness to an outfit. This look could be worn  to the office, meetings etc. A pregnant woman can wear the jacket in the following ways:
* A peplum jacket paired with jeans and or pencil skirt: It is important to note that the length of the jacket should be based on the stage of the pregnancy. for early pregnancy, say the first trimester a short peplum jacket is okay but as the pregnancy advances the length of the jacket should be increased this is because advanced pregnancy lifts the cloth up and to avoid exposing one’s body, longer jackets should be worn.
*From the second picture, this kimono styled jacket can be worn with a straight skirt, leggings, jeans, or even a straight gown.

 Note that flared skirt or gown shouldn’t be worn with this style of jacket.
*The third is the short jacket with a straight gown.  

2.  Long Coat: Nobody does pregnancy with class like the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. In the both pictures she wears the long cloth with minimal jewelry. The both jackets are flared from the waist downwards. Although for hot climates like Nigeria and some other African countries, this look will not be comfortable. However this look will be appropriate during winter or harmattan in tropical countries.

3.  Mini gown: pregnancy does not mean that you lose the chance to flaunt dem legs. Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway shows us how it is done in this loose mini gown.
4. Cape gown: the cape gown has been on the rave this season from the red carpet to weddings, celebrities and individuals have been rocking this dress. This dress is more appropriate for a pregnant woman because the winged detail helps to reduce the focus from the stomach and it helps to cover the under arm. Kim kardashian was quoted saying that she was obsessed with this style because she felt insecure about her fat under arms.

5.  The wrap gown: Kerry Washington gives us a look book in the way she wears this  wrap dresses. The thigh high slit gives a sexy edge to the outfit

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