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Nemy Style 1 :Lessons we Learnt from Nigerian Model Ifunanya as She Celebrates Her Birthday

Our Nemy Style Today features Nigerian model/makeup artiste Ifunanya.  She is a student of Odumegwu Ojukwu University Anambra state. She has contested in many pageantries, winning some and being a runner up in others. Speaking with our team she takes us into her personal style from her glam look to her every day wear. Read the full article below:

1. Shirt dress: this is actually a tricky look to pull off. The downside of this look is that if it’s not properly styled, one could appear too casual or even unkempt. She wears this bright blue oversized shirt dress and pairs it with bright yellow lady heels. Ordinarily the combination of two bright colours would look harsh but somehow she pulls off this look well.

2.Casual Style: for a normal lecture day, she wore this grey shirt dress and paired it with dark grey leggings, gold flip flops, simple black bag she added ann African touch to an every day attire by accessorizing with the red traditional beads which she wore as a head gear. The Check shirt reduced the informality in this look. Do you actually feel the beads head gear on the outfit? Is it a Hit ir Miss? 
She creates the impression of being effortlessly chic in the second outfit. Pairing a pair of regular white jeans trousers with a plain green chiffon top, the addition of those sun glasses glams up the otfit. Lets not forget the bag.

3. Nude Dress: since Kate Middleton stamped the nude shoes as her signature shoe, there has been this great hype over everything nude in the fashion industry. Recently, Christian Louboutons designed over seven nude flat shoes to fit every skin type? This illustrates how much we love the nude colour! Ifunanya shows us how it's wore in this sleeveless nude body con dress which she pairs with red court shoes. She wore only stud earrings as her accessory.  Definitely a Hit for me!

4. Dungarees: dungarees used to be a thing for mechnics or children. But now? It has evolved to be a very fashionable outfit for people of all sexes and ages. This army green dungaree is paired with inner black tube top accessorized with dark green hat and gold choker necklace. The bright pink sneakers give a sporty vibe to the outfit. Did you notice how she pulls down the front side? Would you rock this?

5. White on White: white sleevless top is paired with white fitted jeans trousers. The addition of blue shirt dims the brightness of the attire in a good way. The milk colour bag blends subtly with the outfit. You like? 

 One thing is consistent in all these pictures, her makeup is on fleek. She is a make up artiste remember? You can contact her for  a professional make up touch. Call 07085364439 


Her friends took her by surprise when they all wore all white outfits to celebrate with her. They carried placards with the words ‘THIS PRETTY DAMSEL JUST ADDED A YEAR TO HER AGE ' on them. Awww..  so adorable!  Their smiles say it all . But why is the girl on the extreme right wearing a long face? Babe you didn’t get the memo? Smiles only.


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