Woman Crush Wednesday Featuring Uche Pedro of Bella Naija

Whenever anyone thinks of Bella Naija they envisage the most classy wedding pictures, beautiful Aseobi styles, and beautiful runways model pictures. I began visiting Bella Naija before I knew jack about blogging. I visited the site just to see those beautiful pictures and read its inspirational stories. I was crazy about the site but I had to curb my obsession because the site design was chopping my hard earned Mb (I was using a little Nokia phone and I had to depend on the Mb MTN dash me to browse. Anyway the story is no longer the same). Those days what got me attracted to the site was its picture quality, well articulated articles and censored comments. Because of my love for the site I researched to know more about its founder and here’s the little I learnt about the founder:  She is a very private person, I’m not sure that pictures of her in the internet are up to 50. Well, that is something very rare nowadays and especially an extinct attribute in a blogger!  Her name is Uchenna Jennifer Eze and she was born in 1983 in Nigeria where she did her primary and secondary education.  She moved to Canada where she bagged Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, Canada.  She was once a TED fellow!  She won 2010 African Fashion Week’s, Outstanding Contribution to Fashion Communication Award, 2013 Future Awards Africa’s Young Media Entrepreneur, 2015 Creative Industry Award’s Creative Industry Award For Bloggers.  She has been nominated for the maiden 2016 Nickelodeon’s Award for African blogger and vote for her if you haven’t. I have done that multiple times #support Nigeria to grow Nigeria.  She got married on June 21, 2014 to Bode Pedro and they have two bouncing twin boys.
Her wedding picture She is featured as our woman crush today because she has relentlessly used her platform to encourage and promote Nigeria and encourage Nigerians in Diaspora to return home to build our wonderful country. Through BN Colum – BN Making It! – people are taught and encouraged on how to make it through the wonderful business ideas given by writers all over the world, Bella Nigerians pour out their hearts in the column – Aunty Bella, another column – Isio Knows Better, deals with everything womanhood and I particularly enjoyed an article on body shaming that should be a must read for every woman. When classy meet style and they have a lunch with diligence, then the table they are sitting on must be Bella Naija! Note: if you have wonderful stories of women who have inspired you one way or the other, they must not necessarily be celebrities, they could be ordinary women. Send your stories to my email: emenikevikky@gmail.com


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