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Exciting, adventurous and cheap ways to spend your valentine's day

It’s another season of love again. Most people eagerly wait for this valentine season to show love to their friends, girlfriends, spouses and sometimes bosses as the case might be. Couples use this season to show off their relationship on social media sometimes adorning matchy matchy clothes, shoes, t- shirts etc. (even those who they beat their wives to stupor at home. Hmmm, there is God oooh ) If you are like the average couple who don’t have money to go to exotic places, eat at the most expensive restaurants,, there is good news for you, you too can celebrate your valentine’s day with a low budget and equally have a fun filled day. How? You might ask, my brother/sister, times are hard and there is absolutely no need for you to go bankrupt because of a day’s event. It would surprise you that the thing that really matter are those little things. there are sometimes little and even cheap. There are some things that one could do during valentine that would make the day rock without spending too much. Take into consideration the following facts; Prepare a home cooked meal – preparing your meal at home is far cheaper than eating out. Apart from the fact that it creates a level of intimacy between spouses, the left overs could be preserved and eaten later. So as you are preparing for valentine's day, be that romantic husband and suggest that you prepare a home cooked dinner for her. (of course, she’ll not know that you are trying to minimize cost and might even praise you for being a romantic husband). There is a big ‘but’ in this point, if you are among the category of people who are hopeless in the kitchen, please this point is so not for you. So let’s move over to the next point.
Go for picnics/ to the beach; going for picnics or visiting the beach gives one a breath of fresh air, much needed change of environment and opportunity to meet with other people. Speaking from experience, most parks, or beaches charge very little for gate fee. After paying the gate fee, one could come along with a lunch basket or could easily buy snacks from the place. During my service year, I and my friend, Tosin visited Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort at Ekiti state, we paid just N500 each and we went along with our lunch baskets. It was interesting, exciting and an experience to remember. Plus, we took lots of pictures.
Surprise your partner by doing household chores – nothing is as romantic as breakfast in bed, right? Unfortunately, most women don’t experience that kind of romance during their life time. So sad. Note to future hubby, you wanna surprise me on valentine’s day, huh? Wake up early, clean the house, prepare breakfast and then serve it in bed. Hmmmm, ideal wishes, vain dreams, I hope not. Men unfortunately don’t know that little things as these matter a lot.
Watch a romantic movie together – there are great movies that are totally for this season. Romantic comedies by Jennifer Aniston, telemundo series. Most men don’t enjoy such films but since women are romantic at heart, you can sit together, watch the movie, laugh at the most ridiculous things and have a great time.
Photo credit – Google images Note – readers should suggest other great ideas and let’s make this season rock!


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