THE POWER OF THE PLUS FACTOR….The Little Extra That Makes You A Winner

I am sure that most of us who have not read the book might not have heard anything about the Plus factor. It is not an abstract, farfetched concept like some would think, however, it is the ‘extraness’ that we see in certain people. Such people set higher goals for themselves and they often achieve them. They have the ability to persist in the spite of difficulties. These people are not superior beings and like them one could develop the Plus factor which can be found within oneself. In as much as each of us have the Plus factor, however, it is sated deep within us and we need to activate it as it does not come naturally out of us. The first step to activate the Plus factor is to be a creative dreamer. This dream is quite different from the shadowy images that flicker our imaginations while we sleep, rather it is the indistinct hope, the far – off visions, the first faint stirring of the imagination that come when we try to plan something worthwhile. These dreams could be parents of possibilities hence sometimes the Plus factor is only a dream away…
In other to achieve your dreams it is imperative to set clear cut goals which should shape them, focus them, hammer them down to their essence… and one should go a step by achieving those dreams through making an effort to do it. For one’s dream to become reality one needs to:
Do it!
Have you got an idea? Do it!
Do you have a dream? Do it?
Emerson said: Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain
The Plus factor requires persistence. More often than not, our dreams don’t come automatically to us, ‘realization and achievement come to those who persist’
More so, the Plus factor enables us see the hidden potentials in an apparently unrelated thing – it could be a new use for a familiar object hitherto untried combinations of ideas or theories or unexpected answer to a puzzling problem.
We gain courage through the Plus factor within us to achieve our dreams. Courage is one human characteristic that has been admired since time immoral. It is the ability to face danger or suffering bravely and also makes right decision who facing difficult moral choices. It is the Plus factor in us that enables us stand courageously.
The Plus factor cannot work without God. When you keep your mind stayed in a more superior power – God the Plus factor would work in you and help you be at peace. In addition, in other to achieve peace of mind there is tremendous power in hopeful thinking. If we truly believe that somewhere in the face of despondency we can find hope, we are probably going to find it. We should never write off anything as impossible or as a failure. God has given us the power to think our way through any difficulty.  When a person lives in the land of look behind he or she excludes hope and makes it impossible for the Plus factor to work. The Plus factor helps us to overcome trouble. In as much as we are alive, troubles and temptations are unavoidable.  The Plus factor within us helps us to turn setbacks into comebacks. In time of setbacks: denied promotion, failed health, failed business etc people tend to be discouraged but a man who makes use of his Plus factor would see the silver lining in the cloud. In other to turn your setbacks into comebacks one needs to believe that God could turn your situation around, picture yourself as having a lot of rebound energy in you, pray big , believe big and think big.
On a final note, the following attitudes should be incorporated in one’s thought pattern and life:
Positive thinking
Positive imaging
These principles would not make life a bed of roses rather they would help toughen us to meet and handle trouble like strong men and women!

Note: This is a book review on the book ‘The Power of the Plus Factor’ written by Norman Vincent Peale
Publishers: Foundation For Christian Living Pawling New York 12564  


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