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What are your new year resolutions?

I’m sure that I am not the only one who had made iron tight resolutions in the past. Most of these resolutions were made with grit determinations. Alas, some or even all did not outlive January. During my conversations and my readings I have heard and read about some of the most ridiculous resolutions you might ever imagine. Some of the most common goals people set for themselves include: tremendous weight loss, opening a savings account, giving up smoking, cutting down on drinking etc. some of the ridiculous new year resolutions include: meeting people less and tweeting more, to be meaner and hotter someone even tweeted that her new year resolutions is to love herself as Kanye loves himself: you can imagine! Whatever your motives are for setting your New Year resolution goals, there are some important points to consider;
The goals should be specific: by being specific, one has narrowed his options and this would ensure easier execution of the plan. Let me explain by using this illustration, a woman who weighs 100 tons decides to lose weight in the new year, she is not certain how much weight she wants to lose, there is no concrete plan on how she’ll lose weight, all she knows and is concerned with is that she wants to lose weight. I’ll tell you what will happen to such a person, after a following rigorous exercise routine throughout the month of January, she will become discouraged because she has not witnessed an automatic weight lose, she might even quit the weight loss journey entirely. However, it would have being easier for break her weight loss into smaller time frame say three months. She might decide to loss 5tons every three months. She might not loss all 5tons but at least she’ll lose something and it’ll be easier for her that way.
The goals should be achievable: by been achievable, the goals should not be ridiculously high. One might ask; Does that mean one shouldn’t set high standard for oneself?  No. My point is that one shouldn’t set unattainable goals. For instance, a petty trader who makes a daily income of three thousand naira shouldn’t set a goal of being a billionaire by the end of the year because that would be absurd, unrealistic and laughable.
Self – discipline: most people will agree with me that self – discipline is a prerequisite to achieving results. For new moms, you intend to lose weight and regain your once flat tummy, yet, you’ll never look away from junks and you expect to lose weight, how? You are an average income earner yet you buy all the latest designer outfits, eat in the most expensive restaurants, yet you are amazed that you are up to your ears in debt? Yes BIG SURPISE your accounts balance is zero. Until, we decide to painstakingly pursue our goals, sacrifice our personal pleasures, we’ll achieve nothing.
God – factor: this is the most important factor in achieving your goals that is why it comes last. The best usually come last, abi? Without God our goals are nothing, our dreams will be mere figments of our imaginations. It is important to tell God all your goals this year and he’ll help you make everyone of them come to pass.

Note: for fun purpose alone, my most frivolous goal this year is to grow natural hair. What is yours?


  1. Hey, it's another new Year! Hope to see great success in my life. Happy new year people!

  2. That's good point. Often happen to me too.

  3. had to quit making resolutions SME tym ago..don't hve to wait for a new year to do what I ought to do


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