So, this thing about finding love that would stay 
was making me think hard today..
Like how does the earth revolve and still make each dawn a new day..?

A spark of emotions today..
And a load of regrets the next day..
All these found love seem not to stay
But we cannot continue to sway

We all need that love that would stay..
But how does the chemistry fade? 
And when does our emotions start to stray?
And why do we betray..
the love that has vowed to stay?

Or let's turn the tables the other way..
And take a long walk down the hallway
I hear you say you met them half way..
But their love couldn't make it to the last day..

Still, I ask them the same questions today
How did their chemistry fade? 
When did their emotions start to stray? 
And why did they betray..
the love that has vowed to stay?

Love should not be a causal 360° display
Cos each turn doesn't give a new day..
It only drops a bitter ex on the subway..
And a litter of exs on the subway..
is an ugly display.

If you do the heart x-ray, 
You will see the shattered heart straightaway..
and realize that love is no child's play
So, be ready to do it the right way..

Don't start at all, if you won't go the whole way..
Be prepared to love 'em forever and a day..
Do all you can to love 'em the right way..
Cos we all need that love that would stay..

Guest post by Amarachi Ebisike 


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