Girl, Let's Shop For A Man! || Amarachi Ebisike

 A wise woman once said that choosing whom to date is like going to the mall to do your shopping. In order to save your pocket from running dry, you should have a list! And also be focused on that list. No deviations.

     Now, let's bring this into the dating world. Think of your innocent fragile heart like the currency you use for shopping. 
I'm sure none of us treat money carelessly or use it as tissue paper. No, we all value money.
Think of your heart in like manner, because it is the currency in this scenario. How we spend this currency shows how much we value ourselves. 
I know shit happens, but a little carefulness and discipline in spending the 'heart currency' will save us a lot of heartbreaks.
    Before you write a list of 'what I want in a man' or 'qualities of my dream man', there are a few cogent things you need to ponder on:
 *Know Thyself! (What's Your Size?): Self discovery is the first step to a healthy and happy relationship. Who are you? What drives you? What puts you off? If you have found out that you are Miss 'Fire', why would you want to be with Mr 'Water'? You will only be quenched. Silenced. Destroyed.
 Let's take a real life scenario.. Okay, let's say you have a picture of you in 2020 sitting  on the presidential seat in Aso Rock. It is a burning desire within you, and you know it's your destiny. So, why would you want to be in a relationship with a man who abhors the thought of women being in power? Girl, that doesn't fit well. It's not your size! Find another fitting.

*Know What You Can Tolerate (Know Your Budget!): Our tolerance levels are on different titres. I may not be able to tolerate what you can tolerate, and vise versa. 
Be flexible and be ready to compromise, but draw your line clearly! Make your limits obvious. Once the item on the list is too expensive for your budget, you should drop it. There is no shame in dropping it. It's a wise thing to do.
If being too hot tempered is too expensive for you, drop him! 
If being flirty with other women is too expensive for you, drop him. If being insolent and rude is too expensive for you, drop him.  I don't know you. And I don't know how wealthy you are to afford all these expensive items. But just know that this time around, your heart is the currency. Can you heart afford it?
 So, when next you go for shopping, keep these two things in mind - your size, and your budget. Make sure the item fits you properly, also make sure you can afford it.
 Go on a couple of dates, get to know him, and see if he is truly your 'size'.

        No matter how nice that diamond-laced shoe may be, if it is too small for you, you will limp in pain if you wear it. And if it is too big for you, you won't be able to walk in it either. 
Moreover, if you can't afford it, you need to look away from it and make another choice.
 There is not much we can do to protect our fragile heart from breaking, but, just like shopping, we can be wise enough to know what fits, and what is affordable.

Amarachi Ebisike studied at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka although she studied sciences, she's passionate about inspirational writing, relationship plus she's loves Nemyinspired. You can reach her at


  1. Awesome piece! Good one dear... Astronomically inspiring.

  2. What a great piece! So you have all the lovely stuffs here. I'm ashamed I never knew how to access the blog. Good job!


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