Poetry: To my ladylove.. She is wanting to be a nurse and I will be falling sick!

Read this beautiful love poem written with a mix of pidgin and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

 I am wanting to be praying for her
This girl,
That is having to be making me happy
I am wanting to be marrying her And I know she will be very good
 Like my mother
She will be cooking Afang soup And be making me to be wanting to be licking my fingers Happy
 This girl,
She will be looking after me
She will be liking me
Every time
And I will be always liking her too
Because I am knowing that from my heart I will be thinking about her I will be smiling to myself
 I am remembering the time I met her
 And I am feeling my heart sink into my stomach
 When she is looking at me
 And I am wanting to say to her; I love you
 I am wishing to be touching her dimples
To be playing With the holes on her cheeks
 This girl,
She is knowing how to respect people
She is telling me
She is wanting to be a nurse Me I will be falling sick Everyday Telling mama to be carrying me to the hospital
So I will be seeing her
And I will be pretending to be sick
And this girl will be curing me. My brother will be saying
 It is the sickness of love,
 When I am growing into a man And I am working hard
And I am making plenty money I will be taking palm wine
To her father’s house
Like uncle Nate did When he was going to be marrying
Aunty Jane
 And we are following them to be dancing.
 I am thinking
 This girl,
That is having to be making me happy
Making me smiling big In my small heart,
I am praying to be making her happy too.  #gozpoetry #beastofnonationfreak
 Written by Chigozie Nlemeke


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