Nigeria would move from Repression to Depression : 22 Prophesies by Governor Fayose for 2017

T he executive governor of Ekiti state governor Ayo Fayose was guest on the AIT show KAAKAKI subtitled the state of the nation. He gave suggestions for the growth of the economy of Nigeria. He stated clearly that the issue of agriculture can never be overstressed, he suggested that a permanent solution should be found for the menace of the herdsmen whose cattle contributes in no small measure to destroy the farms of hardworking farmers. He praised himself for his initiative in curbing the menace of the herdsmen in Ekiti State. The host of the show reminded him of the 20 prophecies he gave for the year 2016 which he claimed were inspired by the Holy Spirit. She went ahead to list some of the 22 prophecies which he gave for the year 2017. They include:
 1. There would be major revolutions or uprising against the federal government because of the economic hardship of the nation.
2. More Judges that are not doing the biddings of the Federal
Government would be arrested and humiliated.
 3. The exchange rate would go as high as 600hundred to a dollar.
 4. APC led government would still not have found solution to the economic problems of the country.
5. The economy would move from repression to depression. 6. About four ministers would be removed from office.
 7. There would be more pressure on the President to sack The Central Bank Governor Mr. Godwin Emefele. 8. Former head of state may pass on.
9. Crisis in the APC would deepen
10. Former vice president Atiku Abubakar would officially show his intention to leave APC and run for the post of president in 2019.
 11. A new major party would break out from the APC.

The show hostess however pointed out the excess negativity in all his prophecies which he claimed the Holy Spirit told him, he told her that if she had read the whole list she would have seen where he prophesied growth in agriculture. Personally, I don’t know if his prophesies were educated guesses based on the happenings in the country of his wishes for the opposition party? What do you think about Fayose prophecies?


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