Five reasons Nemyinspired is perfect for the African youth || Things you didn’t know about Nemyinspired

There are so many reasons why blogs spring up and other blogs melt into thin air never to be mentioned again. Nemyinspired is one blog that is curated specially for Africans. There are some facts that about the blog, Nemyinspired that you need to know:
1. It was inspired by Bamidele Onabisi of Writers in Charge blog. I had always had this vision of being a writer , in fact I consider myself one (even though I’m still a work in progress) and I read one of his articles which categorically stated that for one to be an accomplished freelance writer, one must author a blog.  That was definitely my 'Aha Moment!' And I saw that there was no way getting around it and viola…. Out came this blog! When I tell people that I author a blog, they look at me like… you too want buy house for Banana Island. I’m stating categorically that this blog is established as a platform for impacting positively to the lives of African youths, their education, career progression etc. and of course I cannot do that without the support of the wonderful people who  read my blog, comment, guest post and share its articles in their various social media platforms.
 2. It focuses on Africa. That doesn’t mean that its racist or doesn’t value the interest of other races but its main aim is to narrow its scope to the African continent and all these that relate to Africa.
 3. It gives a voice to the voiceless in this generation. Often times people going through diverse problems, challenges and facing injustice as a result of their poor social status, Nemyinspired provides the platform for them and gives them the opportunity to speak up and air their grievances. However, stories like that would be properly investigated before they are published to avoid using the blog as a means for defamation of innocent people’s character.
 4. It is not uncommon nowadays to hear stories of children that are abused by the parents, teachers and other adults in society. Nemyinspired is a medium that is used for sensitizing people on child abuse (physical, emotional and sexual especially for the girl child), the typical African child problems such as family crisis, career choice, peer pressure etc.
5. If I had a dime for every time someone asks me the meaning of the name “Nemyinspired” I guess I would be rich! Nemyinspired was culled from my middle name – Chinemerem an Igbo name which means that God makes way for me . well, I guess that solves the mystery of the name Nemyinspired! You can reach me through the following means:
Email: Facebook: like our Facebook page ‘Nemyinspired’ Follow us on twitter: Emenikevictoria@nemyinspired7 Instragram: Emenikevictoria@Nemyinspired Google plus: Emenike Victoria (Nemyinspired) Pinterest: Emenike Victoria @Nemygirl Bloglovin: Nemyinspired Join any of our social media pages and let’s keep the conversation flowing!
Note:if you have any suggestions on areas this blog should touch to make positive impact please comment and I'll appreciate it so much!


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