Nemyinspired is back: bigger,better and stronger!

 After a long absence from the blogosphere, it is with delight that I announce my return from absence without leave. I am terribly sorry that I have left the blog for long. So many fans and friends have been asking for the reason for my long hiatus. Wow! I never knew Nemyinspired was that popular. I feel that I owe my readers an explanation. Well my absence was as a result of something good! I got a new job and I had to relocate to a different location, and try to get acquainted to the new environment, it was not easy at first and I actually took time to really get used to my environment. In fact, I even fell sick at a point,  thank God I have fully recovered and I have found my balance.  My absence gave me the opportunity to really research and discover what I really want this blog to be all about. I won’t disclose all the details but I can assure you that this new Nemyinspired has filtered away every irrelevancy, and it’s going to be more focused on quality than quantity. What is the essence of having 100 posts in a month that does not add value to the life of the readers?  This means that I won’t be blogging  everyday but every  article is going to be a hit back to back in Olamide’s

Here are some authentic job vacancies for job seekers:
1. The Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) wishes to announce vacancies in the following MDAs:
(i) Federal Ministry of *Information*;
(ii) Federal Ministry of *Environment*;
(iii) Federal Ministry of *Justice*;
(iv) Federal Ministry of *Trade and Investments*
(v) Bureau of *Public Procurement*.
2. Suitably qualified candidates with character and integrity, who are interested in making career in the Federal Civil Service, are invited to apply for any of the posts indicated in each of the MDAs:-
 i. Qualified Applicants can *access Application Forms on-line* on FCSC Website:
ii. *Collect FCSC Forms* from Chairmen of the States Civil Service Commissions in the Following *Geo-political Zones*:
(a) North-West (Kaduna);
(b) North-East (Yola);
(c) North-Central & Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mabushi (Abuja);
(d) South-East (Owerri);
(e) South-South (Port Harcourt);
(f) South-West (Ibadan).
iii. FCSC Headquarters, 4 Abidjan Street, Wuse Zone 3, Abuja.
For avoidance of doubt, *application form is free.* Completed Application *Forms must be submitted where collected* on or not later than *six (6) Weeks* from the date of this Publication (Advertisement).
All Application Forms should be submitted in a *sealed envelope clearly stating the Ministry, the post applied for* and addressed to the:
*Hon. Chairman,*
Federal Civil Service Commission,
4 Abidjan Street, Wuse Zone 3, Abuja.
Mustapha L. Sulaiman
Director (PRS)
For: Honourable Chairman
Good luck to you as you apply!
Note: if you have a job position youll like to be advertised on this blog send me a mail @ . please make sure that the jobs are authentic and God bless you as we help each other grow. The adverts are 100% free!
Here’s a little joke that will lit up your face with smiles…
Man: Marry me?
Woman: Do you have a flat?
Man: No
Woman: Do you have a Camry car?
Man: No.
Woman: How much is your salary?
Man: No salary, but I....!
Woman: No but.... ! You have nothing. How can I marry you? Leave please b4 I open eye for u!
Man: But I have one estate, 3 landed properties in GRA, 3 Ferraris, 2 Porsches and 2 G wagon. Why do I still need to buy Camry. How can I be paid salary when actually I'm the BOSS?
Woman: that's why I told you to leave, cause am coming to your house myself to propose to you....lolzzzz
Have a wonderful Nemyinspired weekend!


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