Throw Back Thurday + Ojukwu's Wedding Pics

I 'mysteriously' came across this stunning picture of the late Ojukwu and the ever beautiful Bianca on their wedding day, I was ssoooo excited and I vowed to share this pic with my Nemyinspired  family. I love this picture, the smiles, the joy radiant in their faces. Can you see that cutie wearing that mgbeke Looking dress  at the far left? I know what you are thinking....  I used to throw a big tantrum if they did not put me for flower girl. I sometimes wonder what Ojukwu's reaction to the current Biafra agitation would be if he was alive. RIP OJUKWU!


  1. Truly amazing wedding pictures. Recently, arranged my cousin’s wedding at one of best Los angeles wedding venues. Searched online and got to know about few elegant venues. Will book best one among all.


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