My special mother’s day message to Every Woman!

All over the world people are celebrating mother’s day and there’s this common belief that mother’s day is reserved exclusively for women who have gone through the physical process of actually birthing a child. In our churches, married women are called out to be celebrated; they are celebrated by their husbands, relatives and friends. The women cook very delicious meals and invite their friends to rejoice with them. It’s nice to celebrate our biological mothers on this day and I feel that anything done to celebrate today cannot be overdone, so my post today is not to negate the importance of celebrating our mothers.
However, I’ll go a step further and call out all women all over the world:  Black, Brown, White, Asian, Indian, in respective of all their financial background, social status, physical appearance and what not. My message is not reserved for only birth mothers but for women in Diaspora who have in their little ways contributed to the development of children, women such as teachers, nurses, doctors, nannies, human right activists. Happy mother’s day to all the beautiful women all over the world: married or single, surrogate or birth mother, mothers by adoption or mothers through. This is solely my opinion, should mother’s day be celebrated by birth mothers alone or every responsible woman in society? 


  1. Thanks for this, happy mothers day to all women!

  2. Thanks for this, happy mothers day to all women!


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