Woman Crush Wednesday + Stella Damascus

In a new segment of this blog,  did I just use the word new again? Pardon me, too much inspiration coming; everything seems to be brand new. Well, I will be celebrating African women every Wednesday and it is called Woman Crush Wednesday. This segment is not going to celebrate stars and reputable people alone, there will be room to celebrate that poor widow who has succeeded in sending all her children to school, the girl who suffered child abuse and has risen above that to become something for herself, or even that poor Corps member in a remote village who is providing one voluntary service or the other. And they must all be FEMALES. Isn’t that really sexist? I don’t really care plus it’s in the title of the segment (yeah, flips my hair) plus it’s my blog jor (doing Shakara). Not to worry, I will create a forum to celebrate men soon.  You can send your Woman Crush Wednesday stories to my email emenikevikky@gmail.com

Back to the matter on hand, let’s read a brief biography of the star actress. Stella Damascus was born on 24th April 1978 in Benin Edo state Nigeria. She has four sisters and her family later moved to Asaba where they stayed for a long time. She is a naturally talented singer, actress and a lover of God – I’m sure most of you are surprised, well going through her blog, Instragram and Google plus account (yeah, I’m a major stalker) I was surprised about how much scriptures she knows and her wisdom too. She married at the early age of 21 to Jaiye Aboderin. According to one of her blog posts, she said that she married early because wanted to start on time to achieve things both in her family and in her career. She tragically lost her husband few years later after giving birth to two beautiful daughters for him. She married again to Emeka Nzeribe and sadly the marriage lasted for seven months only. She has finally found love in the arms of Award winning Nollywood producer and director Daniel Ademinokan.
Wow! What an idyllic fairy tale story one might think. As our people will say the bitter kola is not always as sweet as it sounds in the mouth. The story sounds so far like the perfect ending of a Cinderella story. Well, I don’t claim to know her one on one but I know that for a young and popular lady to lose her husband few years into her marriage- is not very easy, plus the tabloids did not help matters, and to divorce after some months is not the ideal widow’s dream or to be painted as a terrible home breaker \ husband snatcher is definitely not any woman’s fantasy.  However she has risen above all that to concentrate on her music, movies and her family while keeping her private life private. Like every other person, she has flaws but in spite of all her flaws she has used them to make something from nothing and that is why she is my Woman Crush this Wednesday!
Please visit her  self- titled blog ‘Stella Damascus’ and I assure you, you will get hooked to it. Wonderful articles are there, I’m speaking from experience.


  1. Hmmm,good work Vicky! Nice article indeed.

  2. Hmmm,good work Vicky! Nice article indeed.

  3. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. One day you will be featured as my woman crush


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