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The eyes, like they say is the mirror of the heart. Right? It is also a very important part in the enhancement of the body beauty. It’s little wonder that the eye is the major focus of makeup artist in a makeover. An artistically carved eyebrow could do a lot of wonders on a person’s facial appearance.  In fact, personally I took a lot of time to learn how to carve eyebrows: initially, I was carving my brows in an mgbeke style but I have improved a lot and I even help my friends carve their eyebrows free. Nice me huh?
Some years ago fake lashes became the in- thing in Nigeria and even all over the world, most big girls fix their eyelashes to show that they are sophisticated. In fact, I remembered two students quarrelling in the hostel and one of them threatened to pull out the other’s eye weavon. The lengths of these eyelashes are ridiculous and you’ll see the lady wearing them blinking her eyes like Nicki Minaj in one of her heated performances.  Some people applaud this trend but for people like me I don’t really care about this particular beauty trend, I don’t joke with my eyes for any reason at all. Here are some of the reasons why you should have a rethink before subjecting your eyes to your stylist who might take all day fixing your eyelashes.
The glue used in applying them is dangerous to the eyes: I’m speaking basically from my Nigerian point of view. I once witnessed a stylist fixing eyelashes for a lady and to my greatest surprise; the stylist used glue that is used for fixing weavon to stick the lashes to the lady’s natural lashes. She held the lady’s eye open and  she would pick the fake eye lashes and use glue to  stick it to the lady’s eye lashes. Meanwhile,  tears  was flowing freely from her eyes. The thought that came to my head while I was watching this show of stupidity was: if this gum gets into her eyes and blind her eyes, how would she explain her blindness to God and people? I might not be the most sophisticated person but I know that glue is very dangerous  to the eyes.
Damages your natural eyelashes: Constant attachment of fake lashes can cause temporary or permanent damage to your eyelashes. At each removal of the fake lashes, certain amount of one’s natural eyelashes  pulled.  I have seen people who have lose almost all their natural eye lashes and I can assure you that they don’t look  flattering at all. In order to avoid looking like tracula when you wake up from sleep, reduce the number of times you attach fake eye lashes.
Note: I will soon publish the part two of this topic….. stay tuned to Nemyinspired and yes I LOVE COMMENTS!


  1. Enter your comment...educative piece

  2. Very good write up, women take note!

  3. Very good write up, women take note!

  4. Thanks for sharing Victoria. You can publish some of your blog post on the CITYTIMES Magazine.



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