Singing sensation Sia finally reveals her face

The Lagbaja of America has finally put a name to the face. The chandelier hit maker revealed her face when she went for coffee run and she looked drop dead gorgeous.
She has revealed her reason for living in obscurity on the Ellen Degeneres talk show:
Well, it’s just so that I can go to target and buy a hose if I want to. Or if I find in in need of a restroom, I can go in the side of the road, no one would be following me with a camera trying to get a shot’.
I think she is gorgeous and would personally love to see more of her face.
More pics of the singer below.


  1. Dats ryt...Your blog just made history by showing me the real look of my female favorite sensation...
    Kudos Nemy

  2. Thanks Joseph for the comment. I'm also Sia's biggest fan

  3. but why did she cover her FACE?!

  4. (better late than never, but …)

    I just want to applaud her creativity. You could argue that she is 'just covering her face' and that is not very creative, but really, it is! And I have absolutely no concerns that it's a (long lasting) stunt for attention or for PR. I genuinely believe she does do it to maintain a modicum of privacy.

    While I highly doubt that these images would have been sanctioned by her in any way - it really does go to show that, despite the elaborate face covers in/at public events, someone who is determined will still find her. In fact, all this hype about her not showing her face is likely to make the paps, or even regular people, want photos OF her face even more! I just hope for her sake that the images (and the people who snap the images) are few and far between. Personally, I'm all for celebs being entitled to, and having, their private lives and the right to do so without being in fear of someone taking pictures and selling them! Anyone who argues that they are public figures because of their choice of work and says that the public has a right to know when they do something which might be pretty normal for an ordinary citizen to do, but controversial for a celeb to do (like buying a pregnancy kit at a pharmacy) is really a complete idiot, and needs to get a life.

    I almost feel ashamed that I have seen the above pictures now, because I love Sia's work and respect her a lot, and since I'm not a close friend or family member (unfortunately, but I'm always available if either position becomes vacant) then I kind of feel like I have disrespected her well advertised wish for her privacy.

    … and … I agree with you that she is beautiful.



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