Read Hon. Patrick hilarious reaction to Dasuki gate

Hehehe!!! Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon don come again. He reacted to the Dasukigate scandal with headache inducing grammar- Rhyme scheme.  Lols,  I personally think he should be a comedian at least he is funnier than some comedians sef. Read his statement below and please explain to me in the comment section if you understand what he meant coz I don’t abi I no go school…

“Whereas the Dasuki menopause has diaphanously made the point that the Jonathan administration elevated the dum vivimus, vivamus nectar to a nauseating and asphyxiating elastoplast, it can bear reiteration that beyond the current ballyhoo baying for a condign comeuppance, the challenge is how to ensure that each public officer is henceforth subjected to the immolatory trajectory of dulce et decorum est pro patria mori…
But can we break away from the penelopic circle of flagellative rigor mortis?”


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