Nigeria's National Budget Disappears † Why I’m ‘very’ Shocked…

In a country where EVERYTHING is possible, one’s sense of  shock is seriously diminished if not vanished. However, as cynical I have become these days, I was shocked that I woke up this morning and surfed the net and it was trending everywhere that our national budget for the year 2016 has suddenly developed feet and mysteriously disappeared. Yes, I’m saying this with my tongue in cheek. How does a national budget disappears? I don’t know and sincerely don’t care . Maybe it that would be the topic of my next blog post!
According to the Nationonline , Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe of  Abia South who came under the ruling of senate standing order 42 told the senate
The matter that I refer to is what is in every newspaper today, everywhere in all the talk-shows in the radio of a missing budget and therefore Mr President, I want to bring to your attention and the attention of all my colleagues that yesterday in our closed session, this matter also came up. Some of us who are worried, who have been inundated by messages from our constituents who are really worried about what their fate in the 2016, and are asking us, where is our budget. That is why Mr President I think it is definite and it is urgent that we look into this matter.”
My questions on the matter:
In what part of the world of the world does a national budget disappears?   I know it’s a stupid question but it cannot be stupider than the matter on ground.
Doesn’t the budget have duplicates?
I have NEVER heard this type of story before and have never dreamt of such a thing even in the middle of my worst malaria crisis and would hereby state that this is a national DISGRACE and I totally understand now why we are a laughing stock to the world. Well I won’t be surprise if this whole fiasco would be swept under the carpet or somebody would deny that it ever happened.


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